We make your videos more:

Engaging Interactive Interesting Informed Savvy



Strong brand awareness

It’s a skillful way to attract potential customers and make them know about your brand and what you have to offer.

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SEO friendly

Google loves video content! With a video, your consumers will spend more time on your website which is a positive signal for search engines.

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Increased conversion

Turn your viewers into your loyal customers! Including an animated video to your site increases conversion rates.

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Product promo

Product promo

When it comes to promoting your product online along with highlighting its features and benefits, there is no better way than a dedicated explainer video.



No one likes using products without any instructions. With tutorials, your present and potential customers will understand the value of what you’re selling.

Training videos

Training videos

Not only economical, training videos are highly effective. They are accessible and can connect your customer to you.



Having a great idea to pitch in? Want your customers to know you exist? Then you need to commit strongly to adverts because they are the only way your customers will remember you.


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    Our creative storyteller drafts your script in a way that will captivate your audience and communicate with them effectively.

  • 02

    Story Board

    From layout to progression, a storyboard includes the details of the visuals scene by scene.

  • 03

    Voice Over

    To give your videos a creative edge, we will add a voice to it. Depending on the type of message you’re focusing on, we will curate a professional voice talent for your video.

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    A much longer process and the most important step - in animation, we add all the illustration designs and scenes together and bring them to life.

  • 05

    Sound Design

    You will have to choose sounds from a few licensed musics or create an original sound backtrack to add the final creative edge to your video.

  • 06

    Final Delivery

    Congratulations! Your video is complete. Now you just have to select the file type you want it to be delivered in and the process is complete.

Our Clienttestimonials

Zack Williams

I wanted someone to represent my brand. I came across video animation pro and I have to say, I am impressed! With their exceptional video making skills and resourceful team, I got the perfect explainer video made. In just a few days, my brand engagement increased.

Elijah James

With excellent customer service and support, I can vouch for the people working at video animation pro. I have been working with them for years and I never had to face any disappointment. My customers love how detailed my videos are and all credit goes to these guys!

Oliver Benjamin

I remember being extremely worried about the brand adverts that I have been getting made previously because they never fulfilled my requirements. Then came Video Animation Pro and they eradicated all my problems by providing the perfect advert! I’m so happy with their service and especially their talented and skilled crew.

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